Mailbox Rental in Beverly Hills, CA

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Private Mailbox Rental #1 Private Mailbox Service In The Heart Of Beverly Hills, California

Here’s What You’ll Get With Our Private Mailbox Service

A Street Address, Not A P.O. Box

A street address can provide a professional image for your business.

Professional, Trustworthy Assistance

All personnel at JasRa Biz Solutions are of the highest moral character and treat our clients and their mail with the greatest respect.

Secure Mail

Your mail and packages stay-safe and confidential.

Full-service Mail And Package Receiving

We accept packages that require an authorized signature as well as hand delivered items from all carriers. So you’ll never miss a delivery.

Mail Holding And Forwarding

When you travel we’ll hold your packages in a secure location for pick-up or can forward them to you anywhere.

Call-in Mail Check

Save time. Save a trip. Call us to find out if you have mail.


You do not have to worry about vendors, bill collectors, tenants, fans or prospective employees coming to their home or office when unwanted. They can also comfortably put their address on the worldwide web without fear.

Package Arrival Notification

You receive an email when a package arrives for you.

Beverly Hills Address

One of the most popular places in the world to have a business address is Beverly Hills, California. Opening a mailbox at JasRa Biz Solutions gives you that address.

  • 2 hour free parking is available, located one block South of Wilshire Blvd. on Beverly Dr. Also plenty of metered parking is available on Beverly Dr.
what's in my mailbox

Digital Mailbox Rental #1 Worldwide Digital Mailbox Service in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.

Why Choose Jasra Biz Solutions

Customer Support
When you have a question, just call or email us. Our Customer Service
Team at our home office in Beverly Hills, California is ready to help you

Perfect For Personal Or Business Use

  • Individuals and families
  • Small office and home-based businesses
  • Travelers and vacationers
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Expats and students
  • Companies that want a presence in many markets

Here’s What You’ll Get With Our Digital Mailbox Service

  • Forward Mail & Packages to Any Address
    You can forward mail and packages to any address, Choose the carrier and level of service that best meets your needs
  • Discard or Shred Unwanted Mail
  • Deposit a Check by Mail
    If your bank accepts deposits by mail, we can do it for you so you, no matter where you are.
  • Schedule a pick up
    If you live or work near your mail center, you can schedule a pick up during business hours